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Tattoo Booking Info and FAQ


I book one month in advance. For example, I will open my books for submissions on January 1st to accept appointments for the following month of February. Booking closes once all the slots are filled. I will always announce when my books are open or closed on instagram. If you ask for an appointment while my books are closed, or for an appointment outside of the time frame I’m booking for, it’s unlikely you’ll get a response.


Right now, I book appointments on Sundays and Mondays. The earliest available appointment is 11 AM and the latest appointment is 5PM. Sundays are therefore the first day to fill up, and if you are unwilling or unable to take time off during the weekdays that I work, it is unlikely we’re gonna be able to find a spot for you. Please be realistic about your schedule! 

Based on the information you provide in your form or consultation, I will determine if your idea needs a small, medium, large or full day appointment.


Very often, I won’t need to consult in person. Most of this is determined on the amount of CLEAR information you provide in the appointment request form, and how many email exchanges we need to go through. Some things, like florals, will typically not require an in person consultation. If you are getting a larger piece such as a sleeve or a backpiece, sometimes a consultation will be necessary.

The clarity of your request is very important so that I am able to come up with the best possible design for something permanent. If your request is vague, it can result in me drawing something that is completely off mark. For this reason, if you’re too loose with your request, I may turn your proposal down. See also the deposit and drawing section to understand why clarity is so important.


My rate is $200/hr and request a non-refundable $100 drawing fee to book your appointment. Not every tattoo I do is based on an hourly rate - for most small to medium sized designs, I will be able to quote you a general flat rate when we discuss your booking. Hourly rates are applicable to larger pieces, such as sleeves, back pieces or large thigh designs.


Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and are subtracted from the total cost of the tattoo. If you are getting a larger, multi session piece done, your deposit will come out of your final appointment. If you need to reschedule your tattoo, a 48 hour notice is required. Please be considerate of this rule! The sooner notice the better, because that way I will be able to fill my empty appointment. However, if you are ill, or have an emergency, I am more than happy to accommodate a sudden change of plans. Let me know and we’ll find a good makeup appointment in the future. Additionally, if you reschedule more than twice, this may also result in a lost deposit.


I do not send stencils in advance. There is time built into your appointment to make small changes to the artwork when you arrive at the shop. If you’d like to make significant changes, I may request a reschedule and additional drawing fee. Please be specific in your emails.



Masks are required at the studio, so please be sure to bring a face covering for your appointment. Be well rested, hydrated, eat a well rounded meal before your appointment. It's not a bad idea to bring some quick and easy snacks to keep up your blood sugar a well. If you are sick, please contact me in advance to reschedule. Make sure the clothing you wear corresponds to the tattoo you’re getting in such a way that you’re completely comfortable. Our studio space is limited and for the safety and comfort of all I ask at this time that you do not bring friends with you to your appointment.


I accept cash, card and Venmo. While I am able to process card payments, they will incur a small processing fee (taxes and card processing).

Tipping your tattooer is a customary practice as it is in restaurants, bars, or hair salons. While it is never expected, it is always appreciated! Most people tip between 15-25% of their tattoo, but anything is always deeply appreciated.




Tattoo Inquiry Form

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