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Are you making a tarot deck? Is it finished yet? Where/how can I buy it?

The art of the deck is finished and printing was successfully funded through Kickstarter. The leftover decks are currently being sold through Etsy for UK buyers and through my webshop for US and all other international buyers. Here's how it works:

- I will be selling the decks in limited amounts of 100 over several drops. The reason for this is that I am only one person, and it will take me time to package and mail out your orders in a timely fashion. Instead of being overwhelmed with orders, I would rather do them in batches.

- Selling the decks this way will also enable me to do the sales at different times over the next few months, so even if the decks sell out in one of the drops, or the time is not convenient for you, you will have another opportunity to buy one! I expect the drops will happen about once a month, and I will always announce ahead of time when the next one happens.

- UK BUYERS: Good news! In order to be VAT compliant, I will sell decks to the UK through Etsy, and will provide a link to the listing at the same time as the launch on my website. So, if you are in the UK and you would like to buy a deck, please do so through the Etsy listing, not my website!

- ALL OTHER BUYERS: US and international buyers outside the UK can purchase the deck through my website. Please do not attempt to do so through Etsy, that listing is for UK buyers only.

Please follow my Instagram to be alerted when the deck drops happen.


Can I get you art tattooed on me? How can I get tattooed by you?

Though I am currently on hiatus from tattooing, I do not give permission for my art to be tattooed by anyone but myself. So if you’d like to get an existing piece of art (I get a lot of requests for my tarot cards) or a custom design, please follow my tattoo  Instagram for future updates about booking with me.


What tools do you use to draw?

Pencils, Micron pens, ink and watercolor. The portable travel brushes I favor when watercoloring are the Pentel Aqua Brushes. The papers I most often use are bristol vellum and tinted Canson Ingres.


Do you take commissions? What are your prices? How can I get in touch with you about commissioning a piece?

Yes, I do take commissions based on my availability. Prices depend on the materials, complexity of the piece, time, and how it will be used. You can read more about my commission process and contact me here.


How can I buy some of your prints, greeting cards, original art, etc.?




Is there any other way to support your work?

Yes! My Patreon.

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